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massachusetts general hospital. he and the first lady also met with people who were wounded in monday's blast. now, if you're planning to head to at&t park to watch the giants game tomorrow, you may want to arrive a little earlier than usual. that's because security will be stepped up. the giants say in light of the boston marathon bombings, they are ramping up their security efforts at at&t park for the next six home games. the giants say fans should plan to arrive extra early to get through security checks at the entrance gate. security personnel will be looking at your bags and using metal detectors to search fans. those are the same precautions that are normally used in postseason and world series games. >> we believe what happens in boston isn't stopping any of us in this country from going on with our lives and enjoying our sporting events and all of our activities, but we are just always mindful and security is always number one for us here at the ballpark. >> now, for tomorrow night's game, gates will open at 5:15, which is two hours before the
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game is set to begin. the annual commemoration of the 1906 san francisco earthquake was disrupted by a suspicious package today. police say a man in a hoodie dropped a bag overnight. that's the spot where a wreath is traditionally laid to honor the victims of the earthquake. the bomb squad was called in to check it out, closing market street for ours. the official gathers at the fountain before dawn every year to mark the exact moment the quake hit. because of that police activity they were forced to hold their celebration at union square inside. >> when i walked outside of the hotel, a cop was making a beeline for me. i said i know i look silly but i'm no danger. they told me go back to the hotel and await further orders. >> the small group including the police chief later walked that wreath from union score back to the fountain where they placed it. the bag turned out to be harmless, just clothes and a bunch of papers. the latest on developing news out of the small town of
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west, texas. it was rocked last night by a powerful explosion at a fertilizer plant. the town of about 2800 people were devastated by the blast. the plant caught fire, then suddenly exploded, leveling a four-block area, including homes, an elderly care facility and a school. the tedious search for survivors continues tonight. among those still missing, several volunteer firefighters. those that witnessed it still can't believe what they saw. >> we got to the corner and you just heard a boom. and it was just flying as high as you could see and then the next thing you know, you know, i tell him come on, come on. and then you heard boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> preliminary estimates are 10 to 15 people were killed and more than 160 injured. investigators expect those numbers to rise as they search through the rubble. what made yesterday's fire in texas so dangerous and difficult to fight was the chemical involved. menlo park's fire chief tells us that anhydrous ammonia doesn't
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react well with water, which is what firefighters were using to put out the flames. when the two substances interact, the mixture becomes highly flammable and explosive. >> did they make it better or did they actually make it worse? because with an high drous if you add water, it's going to expand to a large white vapor cloud. was that something that created a different problem for them that they weren't aware of. >> there was a chemical explosion here in the bay area many years ago in east palo alto. nowhere near the scale of west, texas, no one died, but the plant did shut down as a result. that fire started when a spark caused chemicals to explode when they were being transferred. new details in the shooting death of a south bay paramedic. investigators now say that the 16-year-old oakland teenager who pulled the trigger will be charged as an adult. christian burton approached paramedic quinn boyer in the oakland hills with the intention of carjacking him.
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boyer was shot as he tried to drive off. ultimately he plunged his car into a ravine. he died two days later at a nearby hospital. investigators have arrested six teenagers in total, all ranging in ages from 16 to 13 years old. the d.a. has not said whether prosecutors will fight to have the rest of the teens tried as adults as well. a war of words continues tonight between the saratoga school district and the family of audrie pott. she committed suicide after she was allegedly sexually assaulted by classmates at an off-campus party and bullied at school when photos of the attack were shared with other students. yesterday the district refuted many of the claims by the family. tonight the family lawyer is fighting back. damian trujillo is live at juvenile hall where three suspects may be tried as adults. >> reporter: well, sources tell me that the three teenagers are still behind me right now here at juvenile hall. in the coming days a judge can either release them on house
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arrest or he can keep them here until the trial. in the meantime, the legal battle continues growing. the saratoga school district sent out this four-page rebuttal on wednesday, defending its actions in handling the case of audrie pott. her family had claimed the school ignored repeated claims dating back a year ago that audrie was being bullied. the district said her family never discussed bullying with school administrators at a meeting a year ago. the family also claims the school announced their daughter's death before the family knew she was dead and ignored calls to expel the suspects after her death. but the district said audrie's stepmother gave the principal permission to announce her death over the intercom to the student body and he had no authority to expel the suspects from school, only kick them off the football team. >> it caused outrage among the
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family. >> reporter: the lawyer for the family claims every one of the 13 answers in the district response is false. >> these institutions as opposed to coming out and doing the right thing and speaking the truth and making it right with the victims and their families have chosen instead to offer misleading information, to go into self protection mode. >> reporter: the family claims audrie was sexually assaulted while unconscious at a house party last fall. they say pictures were taken and shared among classmates. audrie committed suicide days later. >> do the right thing. to just acknowledge the investigation was incomplete. that yes, there was a meeting where bullying was discussed. yes, we made a mistake and jumped the gun by announcing to the student body that audrie was dead before they should have done it. >> reporter: the superintendent and the board president have refused repeated requests for on-camera interview. instead they released that
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four-page statement which you can find on our website, the three teenagers behind me at juvenile hall face two felony charges, one for sexual assault, another for distributing child porn. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. a fluid situation in gilroy at this moment. just minutes ago a man who claimed to have a bomb and other weapons surrendered to police after an all-day standoff. a two-block area in northeast gilroy surrounding the cypress point apartments remain closed. the county bomb squad was setting up a bomb disposal robot and moving it toward one of the buildings. neighbors say the man causing the disturbance had been evicted and his power had been turned off a week. the man only came out of the apartment when he saw police approach with tear gas canisters. police are searching the apartment to determine if there are any bombs or any weapons. and our bay area warming trend has arrived. we did see temperatures climbing
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close to 80 in south san jose right now. it looks like a summertime microclimate pattern with 60s in san francisco, upper 70s around san jose. if you thought today felt warm, just wait until you see where the seven-day forecast is headed. we're talking some upper 80s. we'll let you know when they will arrive coming up. and one girl on a mission to save lives. how she's raised thousands to help battle a disease that impacts millions. the story is coming up in tonight's "bay area proud." and anyone who wants to protest in front of health clinics like this planned parenthood may soon have to change their game plan. what city leaders are hoping to do to help protect people who use clinics like these.
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is it free speech or is it harassment? that's the debate brewing outside of planned parenthood in san francisco and it's a debate that may end up in court.
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at issue is anti-abortionists just outside clinic doors as women walk in and out of the clinic. city supervisors want more distance between them. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang is live outside planned parenthood. there already is a buffer zone in place. >> reporter: there are two things in place here in san francisco. the first an eight-foot bubble zone that says you can't come within eight feet of me. last year they put in white loading zone, also intended to give personal space. a proposed ordinance or law recommended by a city committee would create a buffer zone of 25 feet, right about here, saying protesters cannot cross this line. opponents say this violates their free speech rights and if approved, they will sue. on tuesday, you can find mother of four jamie glenn praying, not at church but here at the planned parenthood in san francisco where she says her group 40 days for life prays for women who are considering abortions and then tries to talk to them. >> maybe they need one last time to hear we'll provide for you
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financially, or help you find a job. that could be the key. >> reporter: but in two weeks it could be tougher to reach those women. it's likely the board of supervisors will pass an ordinance that creates a 25-foot zone between pro testitesterspr. right now 9 of 11 supports the measure. >> we think that protects access without intimidation but at the same time allowing for free speech. >> reporter: supervisor david campos said he's worked finding a solution with existing laws, the white zone and the eight-foot bubble zone but concluded they were too hard to enforce. >> unfortunately as the police department testified today, that has not been possible. >> reporter: opponents argue it's a slippery slope that takes away a protester's right to free speech. katie short has recommended anti-abortion activists for years. >> they never have managed to show that anybody is doing
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anything illegal. we will definitely bring a challenge to it. >> reporter: glenn believes that the new rules will just make things worse. >> now you have people screaming from 25 feet away instead of from a quieter zone. >> reporter: san francisco isn't the first to try this buffer zone idea. the state of massachusetts, a very recent case with a 35-foot buffer zone there. there was a lawsuit against it, but a federal appeals court found in favor of the state just in january. opponents, though, are trying to take the case to the supreme court. live in san francisco, stephanie chua chuang, nbc bay area news. the unveiling of a bipartisan immigration bill finally took place in washington, d.c., today. the so-called gang of eight republican and democratic senators say their bill is tough, but balanced. it allows undocumented workers who came to the u.s. before 2012 to apply for provisional legal status. they'll pay $2,000 in fines, cannot have outstanding taxes or felony convictions and won't
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receive federal benefits until they apply for permanent resident status after ten years. the homeland security director says the plan will make the country safer. >> enabling dhs to further focus its resources on criminals, human smugglers and traffickers and national security threats. >> the plan has $17 billion for security and border agents. coming up, sam brock looks at the changes to the border security like we were saying as well as the immigration reform proposal. that's all coming up tonight at 6:00. okay. what happened in boston earlier this week has many of us thinking about how we would respond to tragedy. a 7-year-old san jose girl might have something to teach us all about that. >> she lost her mother to cancer earlier this year, but ever since then she has not stopped trying to make something good out of something so bad. garvin thomas is here with tonight's bay area proud. >> reporter: on the morning of january 25th, the day after her
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mother, robin, died of breast cancer, she brought a jar into the family's kitchen, pulled out some money and started to count it. her dad asked her what she was doing. the answer it turns out was that she was going to do something about the disease that took her mother so one day others don't suffer the same loss. one little girl's determination is tonight's "bay area proud." >> let's go ahead and get started. >> reporter: it's a thursday night in april and the relay for life team captains are meeting at a san jose middle school. there's just a couple weeks left until their annual fund-raising walk for the american cancer society. >> superexcited about how we're doing so far this year. >> reporter: among the close to 100 captains, though, one stands out. and by that we don't mean you sometimes find her standing on a chair. 7-year-old kenna is not just the youngest captain by far, her team has raised the most money by far.
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this year's relay is not kenna's first. her family fielded a team last year. >> seven laps equals a mile. i walked 10, my mom walked 10. >> reporter: kenna's mother, robin, had been diagnosed with preft cancer in 2009, but after a period of success, thanks to radiation, chemotherapy and surgery, the cancer had returned. robin would not live to see this year's relay. >> bake sale! bake sale! cookies, brownies, bake sale. >> reporter: beginning the day after her mother's death, kenna has thrown herself, all 50 pounds of it, into this year's event. kenna says team reeder kids has raised the most because they work the hardest. >> bake sale. >> reporter: and are the cutest. both were in evidence at a recent bake sale outside their neighborhood safeway. the more than $700 this event pulled in are on top of the more than $16,000 kenna's team has
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raised. >> i think she's amazing. i seriously am just amazed that at 7 years old she gets it and she knows how to drive towards a goal and she's making it happen. >> reporter: kenna, though, has not just been an inspiration to other fund-raisers. she's an inspiration to her father. he says ironically it has been his daughters who have set the tone for life without mom. >> it's almost like it neutralizes my pain, you know, because i go if they can handle it as well as they are, then i should be too. >> reporter: it seems they knew the right recipe for dealing with a loss. do keep busy, don't feel sorry for yourself, and above all, make sure you find at least some good in something bad. >> the relay for life takes place on friday -- not this friday, but the following friday. these events are 24-hour events so they start friday evening at
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6:00 p.m. and go until saturday at 6:00 p.m. if you've never seen one, it's quite a scene. there's campsites and people hang out there. it deals with a sad subject but they say they're uplifting events and they're getting a lot of money from one special little girl. >> her mom must be incredibly proud of her. >> that's for sure. let's get a check of our forecast with rob mayeda. >> we're seeing a summer-like trend actually starting to show up. you might notice the sea breeze cooling off san francisco now, down from near 70 earlier. 75 in san jose. so it's the late-day sea breeze that will cool off the inner bay and eventually might see some patchy low clouds on the coast. tomorrow temperatures about the same but the summer preview continues as we move through the weekend. high pressure will be strength ning. a few high clouds drifting in from time to time. so tomorrow and saturday enough of a sea breeze to keep 60s and 70s closer to the coach and
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inner bay. then sunday, monday and tuesday, mid and now upper 80s in the forecast. that's what we're going to see early next week. tomorrow morning you might notice the return of some coastal low clouds, at least briefly. the sea breeze coming back along with high clouds for the afternoon and the warmup gets going for the second half of the weekend. that's when those temperatures will really climb up, including the coast and san francisco. you'll have to wait for that warming trend but it will arrive just in time to finish up this upcoming weekend. 40s for tomorrow morning, patchy low clouds eventually reaching the coast and then mostly sunny skies heading into the afternoon. close to 80 in san jose. 82 in danville and livermore, so the tri-valley some of the warmest spots we'll see for tomorrow. and around san francisco and oakland, briefly we may see some cooling as we get into the weekend before those temperatures reach the mid-70s, closer to san francisco by sunday. so the three-day forecast continues to warm up and now look at the stretch from mondsu,
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monday and tuesday. upper 80s. that would be close to breaking some records. so there's no way you can miss out on the sunshine and this forecast. it's just all across the seven days. nice for the weekend. >> time to stock up on all that suntan lotion again. >> thanks, rob. coming up, the playoff fever in the east bay. we have the schedule for the warriors postseason run. back in a moment.
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for the first time in six years, the warriors are gearing up for the playoffs. golden state locking up the number six seed in the western conference capping off with a win in portland. last night was all about steph curry. he set a new record for three-pointers in a single season. he made it 270 this year nailing a three-pointer in the second
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quarter. he finished with 272 from beyond the arc. warriors winning, setting up a first round playoff match against the denver nuggets. here's the schedule. game one saturday in denver. the first home game is a week from tomorrow. tickets for the games at oracle arena go on sale saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. >> you've got a career in sports. that was good. up next, we thought you'd seen all the weight loss gadgets. but have you seen the happy fork?
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can a fork help you lose weight? the maker of a new high-tech piece of silverware says yes. >> but what does our business and tech reporter scott budman tell us? he ran a test run with the fork, scott. >> yeah, imagine losing weight with a fork. it seems crazy. it is called the hapi fork, and that is what it says it can do. it's no ordinary you tensile. it comes backed with software and sensors to track your eating habits and gradually improve those habits. for one thing the fork will vibrate if you eat your food too quickly and send data via bluetooth from your fork to your smartphone to help you track how you eat. >> so what we believe is a solution to help, it's not the solution but it's a solution that is going to help change eating habits. >> now, like the devices you can wear to track your fitness, you have to buy into the idea of the hapi fork if it's going to work
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for you. i'll be honest, if you find a buzzing, vibrating fork, this may not be for you. >> does it shock you when you eat too much? >> no, it doesn't but it will vibrate. and if you're sitting this close, they'll know if you're eating too fast. >> did you enjoy using the hapi fork? >> yeah. but i think i need more self discipline. >> see you at 6:00. on our broadcast tonight, the suspects. the pictures just released by the fbi of the two men they are looking for as investigators look for help from the public following the bombings in boston. disaster zone. a colossal and awful explosion that destroyed a texas town. the concussion felt deep in the earth 50 miles away as tonight the search goeon for those still missing. the weather threat tonight from north to south and moving to the east across the country. severe storms, so much rain the
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ground is giving way. several states are in for a wild night ahead. and boston strong. the slogan that's helping a great american city get through a bad time. tonight how it's brought out the best in so many people. tonight how it's brought out the best in so many people. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good evening. now we know who they are looking for in connection with the bombings in boston. after going through a mountain of imagery, still pictures, moving video, take a good look. the fbi today unveiled suspect number one and suspect number two. two men approximately the same age. both wearing baseball caps and both carrying large backpacks. the fbi says one of the men placed one of the devices where it later blew up. the investigation is accelerating now. now it widens to include not just the people who were at the boston marathon, people who might have seen something that
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day, but everyone for that matter who might be looking at a familiar face. in the meantime, 56 people remain in the hospital tonight in boston. we begin with the investigation. our own pete williams has been on it from the start. pete, good evening. brian, after sifting through that huge amount of photos and video from people and businesses, the fbi wants to now know about two people who stand out in all that material because of what they were doing before the bombs went off. investigators tonight are calling them suspects in the bombings investigators decided today to take advantage of one of their strongest leads, asking for public help in identifying two men agents are now the most interested in running down. >> we consider them to be armed and extremely dangerous. no one should approach them. no one should attempt to apprehend them except law enforcement. >> reporter: one man is wearing a white baseball cap worn backwards, dark t-shirt, gray hoodie, dark jacket, dark pants

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